Calendar and Time

The ages are divided into 4 major sunrises and 4 major sunsets. The world began in an age of darkness. The first sunrise is the first age, &c. Arune is currently on its 4th recorded ‘sunrise’ (4s).

Calendar Each month has 3 weeks, each week is 11 days.

1 Deepfrost (DFT)

2 Dawnlight (DWL)

3 Hardwinds (HRW)

4 Everrains (EVR)

5 Bluebloom (BLU)

6 Greenfields (GRF)

7 Greatskies (GRS)

8 Blackmoon (BLK)

9 Scorchnights (SCR)

10 Tallwheat (TLW)

11 Redleaves (RDL)

12 Clearstars (CLR)

The week is listed first, then the day. So the sixteenth day of the third month is: Hardwinds (HRW), 2-6

Calendar and Time

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